SALT: Testosterone Cypionate


Packing: 5 Ampoules of 1ml

Therapeutic use : Steroid

Production Capacity: 

1 million injection/month

Pack Insert/Leaflet : Yes


The testosterone hormone is actively involved in the development of bone tissue and protein metabolism, and is also responsible for sexual arousal and sex characteristics of a secondary nature. In addition, the amount of testosterone hormone affects sexual behavior of men and his erectile abilities. Therefore, it is very important to maintain its content at a normal level, and in this case, testosterone in tablets is a means to help with this problem. In addition, many people use pills containing this hormone to speed up the effect of increased muscle mass. A distinctive feature of synthetic testosterone is its instant absorption into the bloodstream and a more pronounced effect on the body. The composition of natural preparations is also different.


Testosterone itself is clearly advantageous over other muscle-builders. Simply put, there is no substitute for having high testosterone levels if you want to pack on muscle mass and get stronger. As for Testosterone Propionate compared to other types of testosterone, here are a few reasons why Propionate is the better choice: Injections are a more efficient testosterone delivery system than pills, pellets, or patches. More of the testosterone actually gets into your bloodstream, and less is wasted. Testosterone Propionate works more quickly than other injectable testosterones because the ether is faster acting. Because it is injected into the muscle and not rubbed directly on your skin, you do not have to worry about it inadvertently rubbing off on a female partner or a child.

TESTONATE- Precautions & How to Use

Cypionate does not require frequent injections; it is usually injected once a week. It is effective by itself and in combination with other substances. With the use of cypionate with other anabolic androgenic steroids, the appearance of obvious androgenic effects is highly noted. The use of cypionate improves the ability to regenerate, as well as causing aggression, which increases the strength of muscles throughout the course of use. Testosterone Cypionate is a long-acting drug. It accumulates mainly in the fatty tissues. After the injection, it is slowly released into the body. Testosterone cypionate is an excellent choice for those who are just getting acquainted with steroid drugs.

This information is for reference only. Please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before you use any of the products.

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